The Five Elements of a Strong Leadership Pipeline

Oct 22, 2016

In a study of 2,000 businesses, the results pointed to 5 elements for companies with strong leadership pipelines and financial performance:

  • An intent focus on culture
  • A matrix type organization with an emphasis on collaboration
  • Leadership development based on interactions with others and positive relationship development
  • An emphasis on knowledge sharing
  • Embedded leadership development & HR agents within the business and not separate functions.

We describe the components similarly but regardless, the bottom line is cultivating these 5 are needed for great leaders, with the ingredients for each element dependent on the uniqueness of the organization.

Here’s a quote on the findings, “Organizations that follow these basic rules bring in 37% more revenue per employee, are four times more likely to be efficient (measured through profitability), and are three times more likely to be market leaders and innovative by nature than the low performers…”