Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies – A TBJ’s Healthiest Employer Winner

Mar 30, 2017

Congratulations to Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDBU), a winner of the Triangle Business Journal’s 2016 Healthiest Employers! This was FDBU’s first year to apply for the award, and so it is an honor to be among the top 25. And even more of a surprise since they applied after the first year of implementing their program. The company’s wellness program began less than two years ago as a culmination of employee requests, corporate support, and perseverance of the Occupational Health Nurse (OHN), Human Resource (HR) Team, and the Safety Director.


Leadership listened and plans began. Called Fuji Fit, the wellness program is modeled after Industrial Athleticism, viewed as not just fitness, but also a way to decrease injuries and workers’ compensation costs. The HR Director, Leigh Fultz and the OHN, Meghan Amitrano were interviewed for this article. They stated that they have also noticed a difference in employee morale.

Starting from scratch and with limited space, ingenuity  was needed to partner with facilities to create space for an onsite fitness center, named The Gym. Soon, cubicles were removed, walls installed, and equipment purchased for a state of the art Gym. A Wellness Steering Committee was formed to plan and oversee activities.

Volunteer employees are trained and certified to lead fitness classes. Several employees have become personal trainers. Not only are employees pleased and taking advantage of the program, but the instructors really enjoy and appreciate the opportunity. Using the Gym, attending classes, participating in wellness events, and working with a trainer are at no cost to employees – zero. That’s how committed FDBU is that wellness works. The only employee expense is a nominal fee for a 15-minute chair massage.

When first opened, the target of 40% of employees to be inducted to use The Gym was far surpassed – more than 90% went through the orientation. Now about 50% of the employees participate in the programs. Employee participation time is not tracked either. Employees can use the Gym 24/7 with the understanding that business needs come first. The time is not scrutinized and no one seems to be taking advantage of the generosity.

Initiatives are constantly promoted to encourage more employees to participate. Plus, during orientation all new employees tour The Gym with an immediate invitation to participate. The site President & COO, the CFO, and other senior executives also regularly participate in Gym classes, a lunchtime run, or other initiatives. The President fully supports the program. The Wellness Program includes:

  • Morning, lunch and evening Gym classes
  • 24/7 access to the Gym
  • An annual Health Fair (first one offered in 2016)
  • Walking Trail
  • Physical Therapy consults for high risk jobs
  • Personal Training sessions
  • Annual insurance vendor Health Risk Assessments and biometric screenings
  • Challenges such as cutting down on sugar, and Guinness World Record events such as the most squats.
  • Lunch-n-Learn sessions on a variety of topics provided by the insurance vendor, EAP provider, and employees
  • Chair Massage offered every other week
  • The Produce Box that is subsidized for interested employees
  • Initiatives such as running programs (Couch to 5K), walking programs, and a cycling group
  • Rewards for other wellness activities such as annual physicals

The intentions are to keep finding new initiatives and fun ways to motivate participation. Leigh and Meghan stated that they would apply for the 2017 Healthiest Employer award with the intention of constant improvement!