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Metacognition and Emotional Intelligence: The Keys to Effective Leadership and Overall Well-Being

Highlights from the workshop presented at the AAOHN 2017 International Conference. David and Karen facilitated a workshop on: Metacognition and Emotional Intelligence: The Keys to Effective Leadership and Overall Well-Being.

Great leaders need to understand and master their own psyches. There are many models of leadership styles; however, the key foundation for effective leadership – regardless of style – is practicing techniques based on the ancient guidelines that support leading with compassion and wisdom.

Practicing these techniques begins with an understanding of metacognition –self awareness – and emotional intelligence. These are the foundation for skillful leadership and are practical tools for developing individual and organizational well-being. These tools provide a simple yet robust framework for developing our thoughts, communications, and actions as leaders, as well as for how we live our lives.

Using a total well-being model, these communications and actions have an enormous impact not just on the effectiveness of leaders, but also on enhancing or detracting from well-being. The well-being of the leader – person themselves – as well as the well-being of those who are the target of the communication or action are affected.

Health is more than physical aspects alone such as fitness, nutrition, health risks, disease, weight/BMI, and biometric screenings. Total well-being includes the dimensions of social, emotional, spiritual, psychological and yes, also physical well-being.

Personal leadership characteristics are the underpinning which influence both private and public leadership styles. Personal leadership skills are developed through mindful self-awareness and identifying cognitive biases. Private and public leadership skills emerge from this groundwork. The results are transformational.

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