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Corporate Volunteering Grows as Key Driver of Workplace Culture

Benevity clients embrace democratized programs that build employee engagement with diverse workforces.

… grant making and volunteering was used by enterprise clients to achieve record growth in volunteering, helping to drive employee engagement and skills development, while making a positive social impact in their local communities.

“We’re seeing more companies move away from traditional month-of-service programs with high barriers to entry towards a more inclusive, year-round volunteer experience for their people,” says de Lottinville.

Want to increase employee engagement (and hence well-being)? Ditch ‘Engagement Committees’ and use health, safety, meaningful work, and purpose as levers. The results enhance employee well-being and enterprise success.

In fact, a recent Gallup survey on employee engagement showed that organizations with high levels of engagement outperform others up to 200% in terms of growth, productivity, profitability and reduced levels of absenteeism and sick days.” Read more about Benevity’s success.

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