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Align Occupational Health & Safety as a Business Strategy

Highlights from the workshop presented at the AAOHN 2017 International Conference. Many leaders in the health & safety field believe that it is not just important that we demonstrate value, but that it is critical to our professions that we do so. It is also imperative that we align our services and programs to the business mission and strategies, and that we know how our services support and contribute to the business.

What would this entail? First, know the top key business strategies for the current fiscal year and consider how your services support and contribute to each. Then consider the value of outcomes for services provided and also ask stakeholders about the value of the services – employees, managers, and others.

The next step is to decide how to demonstrate value and determine what method – or methods – is best to use. The method could be applying return on investment tools such as cost avoidance, cost benefit or cost effectiveness; or capturing value of investment results such as life changing events for our clients, contribution to the mission and strategy (and ROI), employee satisfaction, improving retention, and/or increasing engagement and trust. It’s also often appropriate to combine ROI and VOI.

The last consideration is how to communicate the value found and to whom. This is a key step that needs to be planned and completed regularly. The bottom line is that we should all know how our services align with and support the business mission and business strategies. And when they don’t, or the value isn’t apparent, then we need to be willing to change – regardless of how well we provide the service or how much we enjoy doing it.

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