Karen recently moderated a panel discussion at a breakout session for CAIs recent 2-day conference. Three very different businesses showcased their workplace wellness programs and each had a unique focus. They openly shared their initiatives and successes as well as lessons learned. It was extremely beneficial for participants – and those on the panel! The only complaint was that all of us wished that there had been more time!

It was an incredible learning opportunity, and lots of fun to moderate!

Here Are A Few Of The Tips Gleaned:

  • There Is No ‘One Right’ Approach for Worksite Wellness Programs
  • Instead, Consider Your Unique Population & Needs
  • Involve All Stakeholders
  • Think Sustainability and Let Go of Short Term Challenges
  • Get Leadership Buy-In
  • Be Creative, Listen, and Learn
  • Don’t Try A One-Size Fits All Approach
  • Expand Beyond Physical Wellness Initiatives
  • Consider How Company Factors Impact Employee Health and Wellness – in other words, culture matters!
  • Cultivate A People Centered Model – Rather Than A Risk Centered One
  • Focus On Intrinsic Motivation and Not Extrinsic Incentives
  • Move Beyond Health Cost Savings And Include Other Business Metrics
  • Separate Your Wellness Program from Health Screenings Offered Through Benefits or Required for Insurance Enrollment Discounts

We hope that a few of these tips are useful for your wellness activities! In addition, asking these three questions adapted from the National Wellness Institute are the most important ones to ask, would help to address the above tips, and would take your initiatives in a positive direction.

  1. How does your program help people achieve their full potential?
  2. In what ways do your initiatives recognize and address the whole person (multi-dimensional approach)?
  3. Explore how the initiative/program affirms and mobilizes peoples’ positive qualities and strengths?