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making the workplace a better place


Our Mission

To assist our clients achieve optimal organizational performance through integration of employee safety, health and well-being. Dimensions strives to make the workplace a better place.

About Dimensions

Dimensions has been in business since 1991 and has continued to evolve services to accommodate business needs. Founded by David Machles and Karen Mastroianni, we began by offering occupational health and safety services to companies who didn’t have dedicated full-time staff. This continues to be a service component that we enjoy and we always appreciate the benefit to the companies and the employees. However, wellness and health promotion weren’t popular initially except as lunch-n-learn sessions and biometric screenings; and safety was compliance driven and viewed as a ‘have to’.

We knew it could and SHOULD be different, and so we continued to search for what makes the workplace a better ID-10086320place. Our desire has been to work with companies that realize the value of safety, wellness, and a positive work culture. From this perspective our focus expanded to facilitating the creation of this culture and fostering positive working environments.

During the journey, our realization came quietly. It IS the relationships we develop that matter. Dimensions is about building relationships; relationships with each other, our clients and our clients’ employees. It’s the process and interactions in working together that are most important, what matter, and what create positive work environments.  We foster relationships and a positive environment on every level of service. This is the secret in making the workplace a better place, a safer place, a healthy place.

Our journey went from providing safety and wellness practices, to establishing management systems, to creating safe cultures and leadership development.  In all these, it’s the relationships that matter.  Because of this, many of our clients have been with us since the beginning; through new management, mergers, and acquisitions. We remain to foster the relationships. We know that all three levels – practice, system and culture – are important, but that culture and leadership are essential in making the workplace a better place. Safety and wellness initiatives will be most effective in these environments.

All of us at Dimensions love our work and are passionate advocates of the possibilities – ID-10086320_turnedfor companies and employees. We practice and foster the same work environment at Dimensions, keeping our values and mission at the core of all services at all three levels.

We are a certified B Corp and also registered as an Under Utilized business. We believe businesses can play an integral and pivotal role in providing solutions to today’s critical issues. We became a B Corp to be part of the collective voice of companies that are about integrity, responsibility, sustainability and doing good in the world rather than being just about profits.

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