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An engaged workplace is a productive workplaceWhat is an “engaged workplace?”

Working relationships – how individuals lead, manage and interact with each other — among an organization’s employees are key components to a company’s success. The working relationships – the social climate of the workplace – are also the key to both a safe and well workplace.

These interactions are what engage or ‘dis-engage’ employees. Consider these statistics of most workplaces:

  • More than 60 percent of workers are disengaged.
  • Executives spend 13 percent of their time or seven weeks a year dealing with conflict.
  • Poor or unhealthy working relationships are the number one reason for turnover.
  • Forty-six percent of employees have contemplated changing jobs due to toxic work environments.

…All of which are extremely costly to organizations and employees.

Creating a positive work environment that actively engages employees is the foundation for business success AND employee well-being. This requires leadership development on all levels, including upper and middle management, plus initiatives targeting mindful interactions for managers and employees.

Dimensions offers Intentional Leadership Initiatives that are tailored to foster

* Creating A Culture of Excellence Through Safety

* Developing A Cohesive Organization

* Crafting A Highly Innovative And Engaged Team

* Building An Energized & Well Leadership Team

* Leading With Compassion & Wisdom

Intentional Leadership Initiatives include skill development for personal, team, and organizational leadership characteristics.

Are you ready to transform your leadership team to build a highly cohesive team of individuals, middle managers, and senior leadership? Contact us to discuss your ideas and our process to….

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“Civility is the word for unifying the world.” – Mother Theresa