safe workplace

making the workplace a better place


What is a “safe workplace?”

We believe that safety goes beyond regulatory compliance. It’s a state of mind leading to full employee engagement by establishing a culture where people feel safe – physically, psychologically, and emotionally.Safe Workplace for All

For Dimensions, safety is a culture of caring. While this requires that safe workplace conditions are maintained and compliance assured, it also means going beyond physical safety alone. It’s a partnership where management and employees alike are comfortable uncovering problems, making suggestions, sharing knowledge, and making decisions to improve the work environment.

Safety encompasses an organization’s commitment to ensuring safe operational practices by establishing necessary safety management systems, and coaching leaders to support sustainable initiatives that grow beyond the safety domain.

Dimensions provides support for your safety program from the foundation of policy development and training, to establishing a safety and health management system, through enhancing a safety culture. Whether you need a specific training program, behavior based safety, or assistance in becoming VPP we can help. We start by assessing your current situation, and then recommend programs to address gaps and enhance your strengths.