aed, cpr and first-aid training

making the workplace a better place


An important component of any emergency action plan is an effective and appropriate response. Our experienced instructors offer excellent AED, CPR and First-Aid training that includes:

  • Certified instructors: American Heart Association, National Safety Council, American Red Cross, and American Safety and Health Institute
  • Individual manikins for all participants
  • Customized classes that focus on potential injuries, illnesses and chemical exposures
  • AED protocols, procedures and training.

Additionally, we offer:

  • Ongoing first-aid topic updates or review sessions
  • Onsite medical emergency response drills
  • First responder team development

Topic Review Sessions

Dimensions provides expert recommendations and consultation for establishing first-aid response policies and protocols. A comprehensive and practical approach ensures an appropriate and timely response when the unthinkable occurs.

Periodic topic review sessions provide additional skills, practice and confidence to perform during an emergency. This approach meets OSHA’s recommendations.

Emergency Response Drills

Conducting a training exercise or emergency response drill ensures adequate responses to emergencies and solidifies skills learned.

Dimensions sets up scenarios, conducts drills and offers post-drill review sessions. We create realistic situations that provide your employees opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills, as well as understand where knowledge gaps may exist. This creates a realistic emotional experience that cannot be created with classroom training alone.