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Fostering employee engagement, improving morale, and providing purpose & meaning, impact both individual and organizational well-being. In order to create thriving organizations and individuals, components that address these key issues must be a goal of the next generation of worksite wellness programs. Un-engaged and unsatisfied employees not only utilize more health care dollars, but also are absent more often, injured more frequently, suffer more lost workdays to recover from injuries or illnesses, and are generally less productive. And they quit their job.

What is a “well workplace?”

One that fosters all the dimensions of compete well-being. It is wellness aligned as a business strategy and not merely driven by healthcare cost savings. It is one that creates prosperity for both the employees and the organization.

A “well workplace” is one that recognizes workplace wellness as a sound business strategy. Requires individual practices, systems and environment….This is especially true for businesses striving to not only attract and retain top talent, but also those wanting to cultivate an environment that fosters engagement,  innovation, collaboration and camaraderie. And here’s the best, what companies need to succeed in this dynamic business environment is intricately tied to what employees need for complete well-being.

Want to improve employee health, energy and vitality; create positivity, retain talent; and increase productivity? Regardless of your company size or business focus, it’s time to align your wellness program as a key business strategy and driver, right along side safety.

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We take a snapshot of your current wellness culture and recommend a variety of solutions to address your specific needs.

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Practitioners Perspectives on Workplace Wellness Opportunities & Challenges from Wellness Underground on Vimeo.