core wellness practices

making the workplace a better place


Health is a complex biological AND psychosocial state. As such, complete wellness and health promoting behaviors depend on many factors. Sure, physical health and health risk factors are important, but alone do not foster wellness or well-being. Complete wellness – or the term we use, complete well-being – is more than the absence of disease or having a ‘good’ cholesterol level, or for that matter, running a marathon! Instead, complete well-being is a homeostatic balance of many factors with physical health being just one factor.

Core Wellness Practices for
thriving, energetic and flourishing employees


Focus on the core dimensions of well-being,

  • Physical Well-Being
(Individual Health & Health Risk Management)
  • Spiritual Well-Being
(Meaning and Purpose, Meaningful Contributions)
  • Emotional Well-Being 
(Motivation, Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency)
  • Social Well-Being 
(Relationships, Positivity & Work Interactions)
  • Psychological Well-Being
(Skills, Attitude, Motivation)

A well workplace means engaged employees who project joy, energy, health, vitality, and positivity Within a positive, thriving and flourishing company

Discover * Implement * Sustain

 Contact us for snapshot of your current wellness culture and work climate. We can discuss the best plans to discover a variety of solutions to address your specific needs.

Dimensions’ will help develop on-site wellness programs that include core practices tailored specifically to the needs of your company and your employees. We believe that wellness is a journey, not a destination. Provide opportunities for your employees to continue the journey by offering ongoing initiatives and seminar.