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Let’s work on systems that promote well-being

For employees continuing their wellness journey, sustainable health practices need ongoing support as well as a physical and social environment that promote well-being. This includes integrating approaches with safety, work organization, human resource development and other key partners involved in human dynamics sustainability.  The approaches are unique based on defined outcomes and options creating a physically, socially, and psychologically well environment. Appropriate strategies supporting individual and organizational well-being are considered.

What we do know is that what is good for the business is good for the employees. Perceptions of value, trust, appreciation, respect and purpose impact health behaviors and well-being. Complete well-being results from many dimensions as well as a multi-level approach.

Discover * Implement * Evaluate

Strategies and tools may include:

  • Well-being Integrated with Managers, Employees, Safety and Human Resource Development
  • Environmental & Safety Assessment
  • Culture and Climate Assessment
  • Work Organization Assessment
  • Systems and Policy Development
  • Wellness Committee Development and Support
  • Goals and Outcomes Aligned with Key Business Strategies
  • Healthy Environment Options
  • Collaboration with the company EAP and/or Community Resources
  • Intentional Leadership Development
  • Ongoing Complete Well-Being Initiatives and Support
  • On-site Occupational Health Professionals
Physical * Spiritual * Emotional * Social * Career Community, Well-Being
At The Systems Level