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A positive work climate matters – perhaps more than any wellness initiative. Our research indicates that employee well-being and health practices are inextricably linked to perceptions of positive work interactions.  Findings suggest that employees practice healthier behaviors and have higher perceived well-being when they feel valued, listened to, respected, and appreciated; and work in trusting environments where they make meaningful contributions regardless of onsite wellness programs.

Successful wellness programs require a positive climate for individuals to flourish.  The result? Complete alignment that creates and supports organization and employee well-being. What IS good for the employees IS good for the company. An organization is effectively a living, breathing organism made up of individuals with their own beliefs, experiences, personalities, and goals. Consequently, organizational well-being cannot be dictated or enforced – it is instead nurtured and grown.

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Dimensions would like to help you achieve your ideal, well workplace. We’ll start by assessing with a variety of tools specific for your organization. These may include a Cultural Assessment, Employee Satisfaction Survey, and/or an Environmental Appraisal. Already have these? We can use your assessments to collaborate on identifying key solutions. Based on these assessments, we will work with you to enhance your organizational well-being. Organizational well-being is achieved through sustainable well-being initiatives, a culture of safety, and intentional leadership that fosters engagement. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in any or all of these areas.

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