The Top 10 List NOT To Be On

The 2021 list of OSHA’s Top 10 most cited violations continues to look similar to previous years.  It’s a reminder to not become complacent with your health and safety programs, even when other priorities demand our attention.

BUT FIRST, before listing the OSHA Top 10 List NOT to be on, here’s Dimensions’ 2022 Wish List:

  • More Employee Involvement
  • Leadership Engagement and Development
  • Manager Support and Manager Development 
  • Manager Interest In, and Responsibilities for, Safety
  • Safety Aligned as an Essential Business Strategy
  • Focusing on Psychologically Safe Work Environments
  • Effective Safety Management Systems
  • More Collaboration
  • Leading Indicators Rather than Focusing on Lagging Indicators
  • Engaged, Energized, and Fulfilled Employees, Managers and Leaders
  • Fostering a Safe and Healthy Culture 
  • Enhanced Well-Being

The OSHA Top 10 includes both General Industry (1910) and Construction (1926); however, depending on your safety issues, it’s important to consider the applicability of these findings within your workplace.

StandardViolations Related To:
Fall Protection (general)   (1926.501)Walking working surfacesGuardrails or fall protection
Fall Protection (training) (1926.503)TrainingConfirming compliance
Respiratory Protection (1920.134)Medical evaluationsFit testingWritten programsTraining
Ladders(1926.1053)Improper useAvailability
Scaffolding (1926.451)Fall protectionProper AccessSet up
Hazard Communication (1910.1200)Written programTrainingSafety Data SheetsLabeling
Lockout/Tagout (1910.147)TrainingPeriodic inspectionsSpecific equipment lockout proceduresEnergy control
Personal Protection (1926.102)AccessibilityCorrect use
Powered Industrial Trucks (1910.178)Safe operationsTraining and evaluation
Machine Guarding (1910.212)Point of operation guardsAnchoring/securing fixed machineryExposure of blades

Want to stay off OSHA’s list? Dimensions’ wish list not only ensures you will, but also organizational and employee well-being. Over the years we have become more convinced than ever that safety and wellness can be the foundation – if not the essential levers – for organizational well-being and business success. Compliance is practically guaranteed, as are attracting and retaining talent, and fostering a great place to work. That is why we at Dimensions encourage focusing on 3 key components:

Turn insight into action

Get a full-scale analysis of your business and recommended solutions.

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