25 Year Celebration

Dimensions has been in business since October 1993. What a journey it has been!


Our 25-Year Journey….

What a journey it has been! In our 25 years in business, we have served 200 businesses & organizations, hundreds of thousands of employees, and thousands of leaders and managers!

Founded by David Machles and Karen Mastroianni in 1993, Dimensions began by offering occupational health and safety services to companies who didn’t have dedicated full-time staff or needing assistance with special projects. This continues to be a service component that we provide, are grateful for, and appreciate the benefit to the companies and the employees.

By the early 2000’s we realized that achieving complete well-being, a great place to work, and safety excellence were interconnected and required more than focusing on physical aspects of safety & health, or on individual behaviors alone.

Instead, to reach this level of excellence requires psychological, emotional, social, and yes physical, safety and health. We realized quickly that it is the culture or rather the climate – the context or FEEL of the work environment – that matters; even more than the physical aspects of the work environment. Actually, we realized that organization success, safety excellence and complete well-being are not achievable if the working environment isn’t safe and well. Organization success and employee well-being and safety depend on the climate of the workplace.

And so our journey has continued, and our services have evolved to assist organizations in achieving physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being. From this perspective – and depending on the needs of the business – we use safety, well-being and leadership development as the levers to foster positive work relationships and working environments.

During the journey, our realization came gradually, but powerfully. It IS the relationships that matter. Relationships are the foundation for creating a positive working environment. A sense of belonging and connections is what matters. It’s through the processes of safety, wellness, and leadership development that these relationships are created – the journey itself – that creates trust, connections, collaboration and engagement.

Our commitment to making the workplace a better place led us to become a certified B Corporation. We believe businesses can play an integral and pivotal role in providing solutions to today’s critical issues – beginning with social sustainability that starts internally with employees. We became a B Corp to be part of the collective voice of companies that are about integrity, responsibility, sustainability and doing good in the world.

We are passionate advocates in the belief that the well-being of the organization and the well-being of the employees are inextricably connected. And so our journey continues.