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Push Back Against Burnout

Interesting research published in HBR indicates that employees have become ‘desensitized’ to burnout. In fact, being dis-stressed and burned out have become ‘normalized’ in our

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happiness study

The Key To Happiness

The findings from ongoing research on Adult Development initiated in 1938– for 85 years!; over 8 decades!! – may surprise you. The indisputable prediction of

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safety systems

Creating A Thriving Environment 

So often organizations focus on a limited option of wellness and safety activities without considering the determining elements that impact well-being. The interconnection of safety,

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Consider Possibilities for 2023

Are you ready to enhance employee and organizational well-being? Make 2023 the year to consider possibilities! Dimensions is offering flexible options to help you plan.

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Add a Little Kindness

Research by UCLA scientists has shown that mindfulness and kindness actually alter the behavior of genes, turning down those that promote inflammation, which can lead

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Can Burnout Be Prevented?

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently classified burnout as a syndrome specifically linked to workplace stress. The rumor was that WHO defined burnout as a

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