Bring Dimensions into your workplace with our Presentations and Workshops or join us for an interactive video webinar
Dimensions offers a variety of workshops and presentations both at your facility as well as via video webinars. The topics focus on the three essential dimensions of organizational and individual safety and well-being:

Creating a Safe Environment

Consultation and workshops are available for your organization.

  • ISO 45001
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Managers
  • Redesigning Incident Investigations
  • Creating a Culture of Care: It’s More Than Compliance

Focusing on Well-Being

Webinar workshops are available, as well as consultation and workshops for your organization.

Cultivating Leadership Qualities

Consultation and workshops are available for your organization.

  • Leading with Wisdom and Compassion
  • Leadership 101
  • Enhancing Leadership Qualities for 21st Century Workplaces

Register for our upcoming webinar options below or contact us about a workshop or presentation at your organization:

Cultivating Inner and Outer Nutritional Wisdom

Are you tired of the dieting cycle and
ready for something new?

The real question we need to answer is, why are we not losing weight? — With all the different diets, and so many differing approaches, and so many experts and books, why aren’t we? —It turns out that the very premise of dieting works directly against our biology, psychology and need for pleasure.

There is a better way than dieting and a more nourishing option that enhances overall well-being. Cultivating Inner and Outer Nutritional Wisdom is a program based on mindful self-awareness, inner wisdom, and nutritional guidelines.

Are you familiar with mindful meditation and are you willing to try it? No experience necessary! The only requirement is a willingness to try or broaden your current meditation practice.

A new program is beginning soon. Contact for more info. 

Peaceful Journeys Meditation Initiative

Imagine feeling more peaceful, calm and in control,
instead of reacting with distress and frustration,
as your day unfolds?

Simple practices and techniques of mindful meditation improves self-awareness, well-being, and relationships.

Learning and practicing these skills, based on simple techniques, increases focus, emotional control, and awareness of self and surroundings. Additional side effects include reduced dis-stress, improved relaxation, elevated sense of peace and calm, and enhanced well-being. Everyone benefits by starting a meditation practice.