STAR (VPP) Attainment Mentoring

We partnered with a pharma company in the Research Triangle Park to assist in their achieving the NC OSHA STAR award.

the issue

Dimensions partnered with a pharmaceutical company in the Research Triangle Park to assist in achieving the NC OSHA STAR award. We encourage all our clients to model their safety programs based on the criteria of exemplary safety programs.

However, initially safety felt it would take too much time and felt strained to meet the criteria.

They soon realized that meeting the criteria and application was more a philosophy of safety and how they went about completing their usual safety activities.  The activities were being performed anyhow.

the goals

The goals were to complete the NC OSHA STAR application and achieve the safety reward. The goals were also to involve employees and managers so that safety became everyone’s responsibilities and not relegated to the safety department.

the process

We cultivated the company credo of ‘Caring Deeply’ as the motto for the safety initiative. This shifted management and employee perspectives to realize the credo begins by caring for each other and each other’s safety and health. At first this shift was a slow process as we provided mentoring to achieve STAR through an employee driven process – not one driven by the Safety Department. It quickly caught fire.

the result

The company achieved STAR. During the STAR award celebration, The Director of the Department of Labor gave the greatest compliment when she said that she measures a company by whether or not she would want her grandchildren to work there and this company passed this highest standard.

The Plant Manager also mentioned that Safety gave an entirely new meaning to “Caring Deeply” that hadn’t been realized before, but was now ingrained in all business aspects.  We are proud of this company’s accomplishment and to our continued business relationship.

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