Safety Consultations & Training

From safety and health management systems (SHMS) to everyday compliance concerns, Dimensions is here to help.

Keeping Your Whole Team Safe

Promoting safety, inspiring employees, and creating well-being.  All three are connected. Are you looking for help to build a safety plan?  Maybe you need a way to enhance employee engagement or promote resilience? Or for managers to understand their safety responsibilities?  Dimensions follows a structured approach to getting the result you need. We fully review your current safety situation before advising you of the gaps.  Then we build a plan with you that creates a safe workplace and one that ensures your employees are safe and well.  

From safety and health management systems (SHMS) to everyday compliance concerns, Dimensions is here to help. No matter your business, or the size or type of your company, something as simple as a safety consultation can go far in improving employee morale and working conditions while helping you to avoid injuries in the workplace.  

And Dimensions is the best in the business of reviewing and drastically improving your safety program.  Jump on a call with us today to learn why!

Covering Safety From Every Angle

We have expertise in far more safety areas than you see here.  But just to get you started, these are the most common issues we tend to deal with.

Turn insight into action

Get a full-scale analysis of your business and recommended solutions.

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A Safety & Health Management System (SHMS) is the best way to engage your entire staff in your safety program.  


We start building your SHMS by completing a total audit and analysis of your current safety program.  Then we put together a new plan that involves employees and managers alike. Because we believe that your SHMS is infinitely stronger when everybody is in on the plan

Safety Training and Policy Development

Our training and policies ensure employee health and safety, and OSHA compliance. All are customized to your unique needs. We can include training and policies such as: Biosafety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Chemical Safety, Confined Space, Ergonomics, Lockout, Hazard Communication, OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Courses, Spill Teams, Respiratory Protection, Fit testing and Clearance. And so much more


Our knowledgeable safety professionals come ready to help you analyze your current situation and determine the best options for you and your team. 

Audits & Inspections

Safety audits and inspections identify hazards, potential risk factors and other safety issues to ensure a safe and healthy workplace and prevent injuries. If there’s a way for you to improve, we’ll find it.


Our Audits & Inspections typically include a facility walkthrough, interviews, an exhaustive safety & culture assessment, and many other highly detailed methods to analyze your facility and find the best options to keep your workers safe and create a culture of safety.

Industrial Hygiene Monitoring

Industrial Hygiene (IH) is the science and art of




Preventing and

Controlling hazard exposures that may cause employee injury or illness.

To successfully manage IH, we have skilled staff to monitor and evaluate for potential chemical, biological, and/or noise exposures and recommend solutions for control and prevention. The service ensures a safe and healthy workplace and reduces your risks thereby affecting productivity and your profitability.

Dimensions’ certified IH and safety specialists can help you monitor for and prevent exposure, ensure safety, and stay in compliance with strict OSHA regulations.

Safety Staff Support

For anything from dedicated weekly staff to project-based consultations, we have the expertise to work with safety teams, facilitate ongoing training support, advise on maintenance of your Safety Data Sheet, and so much more. Whatever staff support you need, we’re here to help.

ISO 45001

Implementing systems that reduce the risk of harm to employees will not only create a culture of safety, but also improve morale and productivity. And by qualifying for the ISO 45001 you’ll be doing exactly that. The certification – even just meeting the criteria – is the pinnacle of safety excellence.


The ISO 45001 certification process helps you take a deep look at your culture of safety to identify strengths, gaps  and solutions.


Dimensions can assist you in meeting the qualifications as well as the certification process, resulting in a safer workplace, safer employees, and a happier team.

Voluntary Protection Program

OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) represents the best of OSHA workplace safety. So if you’re interested in getting certified, congratulations! We can help you make sure your company is meeting all the very high standards of the program.


If you haven’t considered this certification yet, then consider this: companies that work to achieve VPP have fewer injuries, 52% fewer days away from work, lower workers’ compensation costs, improved employee morale, improved public image, and a strong relationship with OSHA. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help!

First Aid, CPR/AED Training and Team Development

A First Aid Team is an essential component for safety programs.


Dimensions’ instructors are certified by the American Heart Association, and the National Safety Council. Our expert instructors ensure time to practice in a class that is safe, nurturing, and fun.


Our classes can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The trainings provide an excellent foundation; however, we go above and beyond the basic training to plan practice sessions, topic reviews, and drills which are necessary to build skills, confidence and camaraderie. Whether we provide monthly, quarterly, or twice a year sessions, we ensure your team is ready to appropriately respond when an emergency occurs.

Behavior-Based Safety

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is a way of building a culture of safety. The idea is that you want to build certain behaviors in your employees that encourage them to correct each other in a way that strengthens the focus on safety for all.


We really believe that focussing on behavior to encourage change is hugely beneficial. It encourages self-checking , peer observations, pausing, and so much more. The result is that employees end up feeling less like people following a rule book, and more like community members looking out for one another