Develop Your Leaders. Solidify Your Culture

Are your leaders and managers modeling the desired qualities and behaviors to support organizational and individual well-being?

Are Your Leaders Helping Your Vision?
Or Hurting It?

Culture comes from the top.  So if you want every employee to possess certain qualities, or behave in specific ways, you have to be sure your leaders are mirroring that behavior first.  That means cultivating leadership that not only believes passionately in the goals and values of the business, but in the way you execute those goals and values as well.  By focusing on the culture and leadership qualities of your company’s management, Dimensions can help you determine the best way to cultivate highly engaged and energetic teams that perform incredibly well.

Creating the Culture of
Organizational Well-Being

We believe that safety and wellness are not just necessary pillars for a great place to work but can be the levers to generate such an environment. The other essential pillar is outstanding leaders who create and cultivate the culture of organizational well-being. Here are just a few ideas.

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Cultural Assessments

If the culture of a company could be boiled down to its most important elements, they would be trust, support, respect, civility, organizational values, and a feeling of safety and well-being. If any of these elements are missing, your employees will start to lose heart. Morale will dip, engagement will reduce, and employee well-being suffers.


We dive deep to find and close gaps, identify employee concerns and explore the best approaches to create a dynamic workplace that is an environment of  physical, psychological and social safety and well-being. If your employees thrive and prosper, they’ll bring your company along for the ride.

Leadership Initiatives

Developing great leaders is essential to cultivating a culture of safety and well-being.  Your managers are the voice of your culture, and ensuring that they have the desired skills and qualities to exemplify your message  is critical.


Through our initiatives, we facilitate sessions with your current and future leaders to practice the skills they need to develop great leadership qualities. And the results are transformational. Not only do our initiatives and workshops foster great leaders, they also encourage engagement, retention, collaboration, and overall well-being that ripple throughout your organization.

Employee Engagement

If your team is disengaged, unhappy, and unsatisfied, then your company is part of the majority. 67% of the entire US workforce is unhappy with their job. Which leads to unhealthy lifestyles and far lower productivity than what could be achieved.


But by working to improve engagement, you won’t just see a happier group of employees. You’ll see huge gains in important areas such as:


SAFETY: 48% fewer incidents

QUALITY: 41% fewer defects

RETENTION: 25-65% less turnover

PRODUCTIVITY: 37% less absenteeism

PROFITABILITY: 147% earnings per share performance


But engagement doesn’t happen with that annual team building retreat. It’s the daily interactions that cultivate engagement. It’s a culture that focuses on care, trust, autonomy, and purpose that fosters engagement and satisfaction.

Organizational Well-Being

Organizational well-being and employee well-being are tightly linked. If the organization isn’t a great place to work – a place where employees feel supported and are happy to be – the organization’s well-being will suffer. As will your employees’ well-being.


There are three core goals that you need to cultivate to improve organizational well-being:


  1. Create a safe environment
  2. Focus on employee well-being
  3. Cultivate leaders


If you can build these three qualities, your employees will be happy, engaged, and productive, and your company will thrive.

Wellness and Safety As Business Strategies

Unengaged, unsafe,  and unsatisfied employees cost your company in attrition, absenteeism, and productivity. 


That’s why positioning of your wellness and safety programs as essential business strategies is truly vital to your business’ long term success.


The well-being of the organization is inextricably linked to the well-being and safety of your employees. We ensure that your wellness and safety programs include all of the essential dimensions to enhance engagement, performance, meaning and purpose, and well-being. As well as psychological, social, emotional, and physical safety. We partner with your leadership teams to ensure initiatives are a win-win for all.  


The strategies to cultivate thriving and flourishing employees are what cultivate a thriving and flourishing organization. 

ISO 45001

Implementing management systems that reduce the risk of harm to your employees will not only create a culture of safety, but also improve morale and productivity. And by qualifying for the ISO 45001 you’ll be doing exactly that.


The ISO 45001 certification process moves beyond compliance to also include the organization’s culture and involvement of all stakeholders, including leadership. Any steps taken to meet the criteria help you take a deep look to identify strengths and gaps for continuous improvement.