Why People Quit Their Jobs

An interesting case study presented in a recent article noted, yes, employees leave a job due to a toxic boss or work environment; HOWEVER, the case demonstrated that employees also leave when their job isn’t enjoyable, their strengths aren’t being used, and they aren’t growing in their careers. These directly impact well-being and are essential dimensions of wellness.

The thing is, this doesn’t mean intermittent or superficial fun such as team building, events, ice cream parties, or occasional banquets. Instead, it’s a more stable and sustainable enjoyment that is embodied in the work performed and being with the people involved. Adam Grant’s quote sums it up best, “The best places to work don’t need ping-pong and foosball tables; playing games is shallow fun. You want deep fun: working with people who stretch your thinking to solve problems that are novel, hard, and important.”

The authors summarized that if you want to keep your people — especially your stars — it’s time to pay more attention to how you design their work.  We would add that it’s also time to pay attention to the climate of the workplace and fostering work environments that are positive as well as psychologically safe. Managers can play a major role in designing motivating, meaningful jobs, and a positive work environment. The best managers go out of their way to help people do work they enjoy and find meaningful. These are all key dimensions of well-being that must be incorporated within an organization’s wellness program.   Why People Really Quit Their Job

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