The Positive Impact of Mindfulness on H & S

We realize that there have been several recent articles on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, including in the field of safety. Not sure if you read the recent mindfulness article in OHS, but here’s the author’s summary which highlights key aspects.

“By working with workers on utilizing mindfulness techniques in their daily tasks, employees are also taught how to use body mindfulness: listening to, understanding, and acting on the body’s warning signs. This leads to an increased amount of prevention behaviors in the workplace. With employees being more in tune with how their bodies feel, they are able to determine the root cause of their concerns in addition to seeking treatment for symptoms. The increase in overall mindfulness allows workers to apply injury prevention activities, self-management techniques, and proper body mechanics in the workplace.”

The acts of enhancing self-awareness, pausing, and paying attention have many positive benefits from,
– Improved well-being
– Preventing injuries, errors and omissions
– Higher emotional intelligence
– Enhance resilience
– Overall a more peaceful and calm mind/attitude
– More positive attitude
– Healthier relationships

Practicing mindfulness cultivates better leaders, co-workers, partners, friends and safety as well as healthier behaviors. Contact us if you think it’s right for your leaders/managers/employees and safe team. The Impact of Mindfulness on H & S

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