Attention On The Breath For Relaxation

The mindfulness practice of focusing our attention helps us let go of worries, negative thinking, and unhelpful ruminations.  Practicing regularly improves our well-being, strengthens our immune system, and builds resilience. 

The Practice:

Sit in a comfortable position.

Close your eyes if possible and notice your breathing. 

Take 2 – 3 deep relaxing breaths. (4 – 6 seconds)

Turn your awareness to your natural breathing pattern. Don’t try to
change the rhythm. Just notice. (2 minutes)

Feel the sensations of air as it enters and leaves your nose. Focus your
attention here. (1- 2 minutes)

Notice the rise and fall of your belly and chest with each inhale and
exhale. Like the waves of the ocean.  (1 – 2 minutes)

Visualize the flow of air as it passes through your nose, airways, down
into your belly, and back out again. (1 – 2 minutes)

Survey your body for any tension, and as you exhale, feel the tension
leave that part of your body.  (2 minutes)

Visualize your breath reaching your forehead, your neck, your
shoulders, your arms… and then releasing the tension as you exhale. (1 –
2 minutes)

If your mind wanders to a worry or thought just let it go, don’t follow it. Imagine it floating by and gently, kindly and without judgment redirect your attention back to your breath.

Slowly return your attention as you complete the practice and notice any benefit that you feel.

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