Safety Musings During Shelter-In-Place And Being Our Better Selves

Here are a few guidelines to convey to your employees who are now spending more time at home – and more time outside. Exercising outside is wonderful for physical health, being in nature, and mental well-being. However, observations indicate that some are not practicing safe – or healthy – behaviors. Tips and reminders:

  • Always walk or run AGAINST traffic when walking in the street – ALWAYS, Always. Period. No excuses.
  • When cycling, ALWAYS ride WITH traffic.  These 2 safety rules have never changed, but many are just not remembering or practicing either.
  • You do NOT need to wear a mask outside unless the pollen is bothering you.  However, pollen season is ending.  Save your mask.
  • However, 6 feet of physical separation is needed when passing someone when walking or running.  MOVE OVER. If you can’t, then wait a safe distance until the other person passes.  Be courteous. Be kind. If someone is running and you are strolling, move over or wait. View this separation as an act of generosity.
  • This means that friends should not be walking together if they don’t live together.  And individuals should not stop outside and talk without 6 feet of separation no matter how well they know each other.
  • Physical separation does not mean social separation or ignoring others.  Smile, say hello, wave, ask how they are.  Just acknowledge another, it’s more important now more than ever. Be kind. Be courteous. Be generous. 
  • When driving, please be extra cautious with so many more being outdoors now. Pedestrians have the right of way.  Slow down and let them cross.
  • When walking, running, or cycling, don’t assume a driver can see you.  Be cautious and pause before crossing a street.
  • If it is dusk or early morning, wear a vest and bright colors. At night, use lights.
  • If it is sunny, wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

These are few.  What other tips do you have or what other safety issues have you observed?

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