A World Grieving

It’s not so much anxiety but grieving the loss of normalcy that many are experiencing. A key tenant in Buddhist Teachings is impermanence. Nothing is permanent, not the most disturbing situation or the greatest experience. Remembering that nothing is permanent, including COVID-19, is helpful. This awful situation is temporary. Dimensions is offering free 15-minute meditation practices to help ease the stress. Other ideas to help

Grieving the loss of normalcy and all the emotions we are experiencing while dealing with this loss are normal. But neither the grieving nor the emotions define or control us. They are impermanent too. 

  • Naming the emotion; 
  • Recognizing and observing them; and 
  • Acknowledging that they are not permanent 

…help to maintain power and control rather than allowing the emotions to control us. The emotions lose their grip and dissipate or move through. 

The article has great advice such as: 

  • Practicing what we can control, 
  • Finding balance, 
  • Stocking up on compassion – including self-compassion, 
  • Remembering that the Stages of Grief are not linear, and 
  • Letting go of what we can’t control. 

It’s good to know that ‘finding meaning’ has been added to the Stages of Grief – ‘…even in the darkest… we can find light.’ 

Dimensions is offering 15-minute mindful meditation on letting go, compassion, and observing emotions. Please let us know if you want to be included in the invitation or want to invite employees.   That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief

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