21 HR Jobs for the Future

In case you didn’t see this, it’s exciting to read that the tipping point is close. My favorite:

…For HR professionals, this means the future of work will include developing a stronger focus and a more holistic view of employee wellbeing, one that encompasses the emotional, mental and spiritual health of workers along with the physical. (Even before the virus, Gallup reported two thirds of full-time workers experienced burnout on the job.)

This paves the way for a new HR role focused on well-being as a business strategy for increasing employee retention — and not just an office perk. For example, the role Director of Wellbeing could provide strategic management over wellness and design services and practices to nurture the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health of all employees.” 

We would also add psychological well-being/psychological safety. In addition, to ensure well-being, leader qualities, organizational culture, and the work environment must be included. There is an inextricable connection between the well-being of the organization and the employees!

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