Three Strategies to Address Caregiver Stress and Trauma

A recent white paper addressed the impact of Covid-19 from a medical care crisis perspective. Healthcare professionals providing treatment during the pandemic are suffering health-related impacts from the stress.  Stress and burnout issues have been a concern in the medical profession and now symptoms of anxiety, depression, and insomnia have risen as a result of pandemic related stress.

A Recommended Three-Part Strategy for Relief Include:

1. Medical professionals are notorious for neglecting their own well-being. This can be combated with a cultural shift toward mental and physical self-care, as well as specific mind-body techniques such as mindful breathing, meditation, and guided imagery.

2. Relief from both stress and trauma must also play a greater role in the workplace. Mind-body medicine programs and small-group sessions on resilience-building could be particularly helpful.

3. Finally, the implementation of organization-wide programs that include train-the-trainer instruction to support colleagues ensures that workers recognize they are not just caregivers, but that they themselves are cared for and considered essential.

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Managing Caregiver Stress and Trauma

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