As Black History Month comes to an end, we hope you found ways to celebrate and honor Black History and Culture, much of which is often not taught or discussed. We also hope that the focus does not end March 1st, but that organizations continue to,

  • Celebrate diversity, 
  • Realize the benefits of a diverse workforce
  • Welcome difficult conversations
  • Ensure all voices are heard, welcomed, and acknowledged

And, continuously evaluate efforts for a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workforce and throughout society.  Corporations can be a powerful force to influence and change societal norms. 

Ensuring a diverse workplace and leadership is the first step. However, inclusivity is the key to maintaining (not just creating) workplace diversity. This article below has 15 Ways to Support DEI The excellent recommendations should sound familiar to those who take the time to readour newsletter blogs (many, MANY thanks!).

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