Celebrate Earth Day All Year Long!

  • Conduct an Energy Audit
    • Switch to sufficient lighting and consider tapping into green energy grid options
  • Involve Your Employees – this is a great project for Safety and Wellness Committees!
  • Survey Your Vendors Regarding Their Sustainability Practices
  • Limit or Eliminate Single Use Items
    • Start by eliminating single cup coffee options and switch to coffee pots instead
    • Add filtered water options to refill personal water bottles
    • Get rid of single use plastic cups in the breakroom
  • Purchase Sustainable Options such as Towels Made from Bamboo or Hemp 
  • Purchase Recycled Paper
  • Recycle Electronics, Not Just Paper and Cans
  • Compost – there are services that will collect food scraps if you are unable to compost at your site
  • Educate Employees
  • Promote Ride Sharing and Public Transportation

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