Consider Possibilities for 2023

Are you ready to enhance employee and organizational well-being? Make 2023 the year to consider possibilities! Dimensions is offering flexible options to help you plan. Sessions are offered live via conference platforms as well as On Demand Recordings with Live Sessions provided for discussions and Q&A. Consider implementing one or all these possibilities for your organization and employees:

In Pursuit of Well-Being
This is a 5 – 6 session program to enhance resilience and well-being. An introductory session provides the overview with additional sessions that focus on one of the key elements essential for well-being resilience.  While there isn’t a magic bullet, there are several simple habits that provide a needed boost to increase energy levels, increase focus, and build vitality. 

Mindful Meditation
The benefit of meditation for employee, managers and team well-being has been repeatedly demonstrated.  imaginefeeling more peaceful, calm and in control, instead of reacting with distress and worry as your day unfolds! Simple practices and techniques of mindful meditation improve self-awareness, well-being, and understanding of how we relate in the world. Dimensions offers Meditation 101 for practice and skill development over 5 – 8 sessions.

Take a Pulse
How are you using Employee Satisfaction Surveys to address the needs and interests of your organization? Dimensions can analyze your results and consult on best options to meet specific issues identified.  We also provide Safety Culture and Employee Satisfaction Assessments that may include surveys, interviews and/or focus groups to capture feedback for continuous program improvement. Our services assist you with 2023 plans to ensure you are meeting safety and well-being goals.

Cultivating Inner and Outer Nutritional Wisdom
This 10 – 12 session series is a mindful meditation-based initiative to help individuals tune into their own inner wisdom, increase self-awareness, gain emotional control, and begin to make healthier food choices. In addition, research demonstrates that participants change their relationship with food; end yo-yo dieting; stop struggling with food choices; and find peace, joy, and nourishment with food again.

Making a Difference
Here’s an out of the box wellness program that combines physical activity with feeding the hungry. It is a collaborative effort between your organization’s donation program and your employees’ ‘calories burned’ contribution. Employees increase exercise activities by making an altruistic connection between offering extra calories burned to feed those in need. 

Other Possibilities:

  • Develop Your First Aid/CPR Response Team
  • Offer Ergonomic Awareness Initiatives or Establish a Team
  • Schedule a Comprehensive Audit of Your Safety and Health Program
  • Add Guidelines from Total Worker Health to Your Safety Program 

Do you have other creative ideas?  Contact us to discuss options for your organization or to discuss any of the possibilities mentioned above.

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