Create an Inclusive – and Well – Organization

Cultivating leadership qualities for inclusivity is a win-win for organizations and for employees. The qualities are vital since leaders play a particularly critical role in employee well-being and perception of belonging. 

According to a recent article, leaders account for a difference of up to 70 percentage points in employees’ experience of belongingness and psychological safety, and inclusive leaders see,

  • A 17% increase in team performance, 
  • A 20% increase in decision-making quality, and 
  • A 29% increase in team collaboration. 
  • Plus, inclusive leaders also cut down employee attrition risk by 76%. 

Therefore, the outcome is not only a boost for employee well-being and inclusivity, but a significant cost savings for the organizational as well as noteworthy organizational benefits. (What Makes an Inclusive Leader)

When it comes to inclusivity and well-being, critical leadership qualities are essential such as humility, respect, curiosity, and empathy.

A qualitative research project identified five key behaviors that help leaders make their organizations more inclusive:

  1. Authenticity and psychological safety, to create a safe and trusting work environment for all employees.
  2. Flexible rules and adjusting team norms rather than rigid requirements.
  3. Intentionality and active learning to cultivate and practice the essential qualities necessary to lead today’s organizations.
  4. Equal opportunity and removing obstacles.
  5. Embedding these qualities into all aspects, as well as levels, of the organization.

+1 (of course!) A 6th essential leadership quality and the foundation for intentional change is self-awareness. 

Do not underestimate what these changes will create! Fostering these qualities will result in organizational and employee well-being. Consider your Safety and Wellness Programs, and Leadership Development Initiatives to ensure the 6 key behaviors are included. NIOSH’s Total Worker Health Model can help provide the framework.

Photo by Luwadlin Bosman on Unsplash

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