8 Occupational Health and Safety Themes for 2024

Workplace Safety Programs must comply with regulatory requirements including OSHA Standards, but adding new ideas and approaches can refresh your program plus increase engagement!  Safety should be an essential component of the corporate mission and the foundation for creating a great place to work as the business strives to meet accomplishments in 2024. 

Occupational Health and Safety Themes can help jump start a fresh approach. Below are a few themes to consider:

  • Implementing NIOSH’s Total Worker Health Guidelines
  • Aligning your Safety Program and mission with the needs and mission of the business
  • Establishing Safety Management Systems
  • Setting Measurable Objectives and Goals NOT related to the number of Recordable Incidents
  • Including Employees in the conversation
  • Revitalizing your Safety Committee
  • Refreshing your approach to safety trainings and initiatives, based on a people-focused approach. For example, here is an initiative idea that Dimensions customizes to meet each company’s needs and culture – we even customize the title!
    • Mindfully Take a Pause
    • Be Situationally Aware and Keep Each Other Safe
    • Maintain Procedural Knowledge
    • Speak Up!
  • Incorporating all dimensions of safety in your safety program: physical, social, emotional, and psychological safety

We believe that your employee wellness, and safety and health programs can – and must – be the levers to create an organizational culture of well-being, and a great place to work. These 8 Themes are the foundation to make this happen and are the catalyst for where safety and wellness converge.

There are many options, but we know you are already incredibly busy! Start slow, perhaps selecting one or two Themes to try. Once momentum builds you may be convinced that a refresh is worth the effort!  

Please contact us with any questions, for information on our health and safety initiative, or to discuss how you might begin to hit the refresh button!

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

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