Peel Back the Lens For A Clear View

Business leaders and organizations have continued to contend with major shifts affecting the workplace, and the disruptions are expected to continue in 2024. Addressing the issues will not only lead to a competitive advantage but also employee well-being. In fact, many of the recommendations in the HBR article pertain directly to well-being. 

Below are a few takeaways,

  1. Finding the perfect hybrid solution. Survey findings indicated that 60% of employees say the cost of going to the office outweighs the benefits, 67% feel that going to the office requires more effort than it did pre-pandemic, and 73% say it feels more expensive. 
  2. Considering more creative benefits such as,
    1. Housing subsidies
    1. Caregiver benefits
    1. Financial Well-being
  3. Studying the possibility of 4-day work weeks
  4. Addressing management development to mediate employee conflict resolutions
  5. Implementing mental health and emotional well-being initiatives

The major shifts affecting the workplace have changed the landscape for leadership, business operations and strategies, and employee well-being. Actually, the shifts not so much changed the landscape but peeled back the lens for a clearer view. The needs have always been there, but now are quite evident. The possibilities for fostering a safe and sound organization are more apparent than ever.

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