Building Resilience For Energy and Well-Being

More companies than ever are offering wellness and well-being programs. These include a variety of initiatives from stress management, healthy eating, and physical activity, to meditation and yoga, plus more. Yet stress and burnout have increased to alarming levels that have been acknowledged by the World Health Organization as workplace health risks. An additional concern is that managers are the most affected by stress and burnout, which certainly impacts their health as well as their ability to manage and lead. And both also create a ripple effect to employees.


Building Resilience moves beyond stress management to incorporate managing energy throughout the day in order to prevent stress and burnout. The results are transformational! What’s more, when leaders complete the workshop employees report that they are better leaders and encourage employee well-being practices thereby enhancing employee well-being. Contact us to learn more about fostering resilience for managers as well as a foundational initiative for employee well-being.


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