Health Coaching and Screening

Increasing awareness and improving health of employees was important to this manufacturer.

the issues

Dimensions was involved in implementing a health screening and follow-up health coaching initiative for a manufacturing company in Butner, NC.

the goals

The purpose was to assist employees in reaching health goals and controlling health care costs. With over 140 employees, management made a commitment to increase awareness and improve the health of employees.

the process

With all of this in mind, we selected a comprehensive health risk assessment tool, considered all the dimensions of health, and provided holistic and individual coaching and follow-up to ensure that each person’s unique journey was navigated.

the outcome

The success was phenomenal thanks to the support and leadership of the owner, management, and the onsite Wellness Committee. A total of over 900 pounds were lost over a 2-year period — 675 pounds of that were lost during the first year. In addition, all but approximately 50 pounds of the weight lost during the first year had been maintained through the second year. Two employees lost over 60 pounds and one now completes triathlons.

Not only that, but employees reported exercising regularly, eating better, feeling better, and sleeping better. Four participants quit smoking – that behavior change alone estimated a cost savings of at least $750- $1,500 per year per person. Plus, participants lowered cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar, thereby drastically reducing cardiovascular risk factors. In fact, one person did not know he had high blood sugar until participating and has since lowered his blood sugar by more than 250 points.

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