Case Management

After an incident, Dimensions helped an organization ensure a safe and appropriate job assignment while the employee was working to return to their full-time position.

the issue

Dimensions had been providing safety support services and consultation to a biopharmaceutical company located in the USA and Canada. We were contacted to assist with an investigation of an incident that caused an employee to be placed on light duty by their manager.

The incident was being managed by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance carrier.

the goals

The goals were to ensure a safe and appropriate job assignment and assist the employee in returning to their full job position.

the process

In our discussions we quickly determined that this case was not work related and should not be handled by the company’s Workers’ Compensation carrier.

We were able to summarize the safety issues, discuss the situation with the employee, educate the manager, and make a personal medical referral for further health evaluation.

the outcome

Because of our intervention, the employee received the necessary care needed instead of a complicated Workers’ Compensation incident that would not have addressed the medical issue or provided the needed care. The employee returned to full duty without incident.

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