Are You Wasting Your Company’s Coaching Budget?

Not every executive will benefit from working with a coach. And if you’re the person who decides which company leaders get to work with an outside expert, you want to spend your budget wisely. To assess whether a struggling leader is ready for coaching, watch for a few red flags. First, be wary of an executive who always has an excuse when things go wrong. Coaching requires self-awareness and introspection, so someone who consistently blames external factors for their problems may not be a great choice. Second, think carefully about a leader who favors quick-fix tactics. The best candidates for coaching are willing to challenge their assumptions and beliefs about how to get things done. And third, beware of managers who delay the start of coaching to “do more research” or “find the right person.” It may be a sign that they’re just not ready to confront their issues.

Adapted from “4 Signs an Executive Isn’t Ready for Coaching,” by Matt Brubaker and Chris Mitchell

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