Create A Ripple: Acts Of Kindness Increase Well-Being

A recent study published in Greater Good Science Center Magazine looked at what type of acts of kindness was most beneficial for those performing the acts. The research surveyed 4 groups of adults,

  1. Those asked to perform at least weekly acts of kindness for people they were close to,
  2. Another group was asked to perform at least weekly acts of kindness for people they didn’t know well,
  3. The third group was told to perform self-kindness,
  4. A control group.

Pre and post surveys were collected from the total of 683 adults from over two dozen countries including the USA, South America, the UK, and South Africa  . The researchers hypothesized that participants who were kind to others would become happier than participants in the control group as well as those who practiced self-kindness.

To their surprise, the results indicate that participants who performed any acts of kindness became happier compared to the control group.

Want ideas to encourage acts of kindness and grow your acts of kindness? Acts of kindness can be as simple as

  • Meditate on kindness, compassion, and equanimity
  • Help a co-worker or neighbor,
  • Give a heartfelt compliment,
  • Pick up litter,
  • Write a thank you note,
  • Listen, actively listen,
  • Hold a door open,
  • Let someone in line,
  • Pay it forward

Here’s the article and a site with more ideas. Being kind enhances your own well-being and will have a ripple effect through the organization.  Small acts will enhance the social environment at work and your own happiness as well as the happiness of others, plus will ripple into your personal life outside of work!

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