25 Ways Leaders Inspire Others & Business Success: #1

Throughout 2019 we’ll share ways leaders inspire others and motivate success. And here’s the thing, it is the 25 Ways that enhance well-being and fosters a great place to work. We’ll send tips and ideas each month, beginning now.

#1. Check Your Ego – Leave Your Ego At The Door. The 25 Ways Leaders Inspire Others are not in any particular order; HOWEVER, humility is definitely #1. Humility is the foundation. All of the other tips – in fact, to be an inspirational and great leader – begin with, and are dependent on, humility.

In Good To Great, Jim Collins summarized research of nearly 1,500 Fortune 500 companies over a 30-year period. Collins looked for those organizations that had been performing at or around the market average for at least 15 years and then outperformed the market by at least three times for the next 15 years.

He wanted to know what made the difference in companies that were able to move from “good to great” and sustain that greatness. His researchers found two distinct characteristics among the leaders of these companies: humility and a steely determination to do the right thing for the company, no matter how painful. (The Value of Humility in Leadership).

“Ego is just like dust in the eye. Without clearing the dust you can’t see
anything clear. So clear the ego and see the world.”
(Wisdom Quotes)

When we lower our ego and increase our humility, it helps us:
• See beyond our own viewpoint and interests
• Shift focus from me to ‘others’
• Be open to learning new ideas and sharing thoughts
• Listen more intently to what others have to say

All of the behaviors above make us stronger leaders, but we often aren’t aware when our ego is getting in our way. It takes practice and self-awareness.

If you are finding your ego rearing its ugly head, examine your thoughts with curiosity, explore your feelings without judgment, and see what you can do to reframe your story.

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