25 Ways Leaders Inspire Others: Tip #s 2 & 3

Happy New Year! Throughout 2019 we’re sharing ways leaders inspire others and motivate success. We’ll send tips and ideas each month. The first was to ‘Check Your Ego.’ The two tips for January are:

#2 Act With Compassion
#3 Practice Empathy

Leading with compassion and empathy not only create more humanistic workplaces, but also create more highly effective leaders and teams. Compassion is acting with care, generosity and concern towards others. It is assuming the best in others and that employees have the best of intentions, rather than coming from a place of suspicion, distrust, and negative judgment. Such negativity is contagious and will ripple through the entire organization decreasing productivity, motivation and engagement; and increasing turnover.

Empathy on the other hand is the ability to put your self in another’s shoes, or ‘see through someone else’s eyes’. It builds stronger understanding and connections, plus empathic leaders make better decisions. It is truly impossible to lead without cultivating empathy – an essential skill to:
• Lead employees,
• Know what customers want, and
• Inspire confidence in investors.

Compassion and empathy may be more natural responses for some, but make no mistake, both are essential skills that can be practiced and learned. These are ‘hard’ skills, and crucial to develop.

Sadly, such vital leadership skills are often neglected, not fostered, nor expected. Perhaps this is due to the mistaken reasoning that these are ‘soft’ skills or that ‘tough’ management is needed. Nothing could be further from the truth and neither negates having difficult conversations!

Make the commitment in 2019 to cultivate essential leader attributes to inspire all staff in your organization. What better way to inspire others!

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