Who Would You Suggest for the President’s Health Council?

And would it be Dr. Oz? Some are vehemently opposed!

Recently The White House announced President Trump’s plans to appoint several new members to his Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition, which aims to encourage youth sports participation and promote overall physical fitness and health.

Some of the considerations include wrestler Kyle Frederick Snyder, former bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, and Olympian Misty May-Treanor. Another is causing much controversy: Mehmet Oz, author, and star of The Dr. Oz Show.

Apparently, the inclusion of Dr. Oz took many in the health industry by surprise. The medical community and consumer watch groups do not find him to be a trusted health source and have called out his support of false, deceptive products and unproven medical practices.
Actually, in 2014, a team of Canadian medical researchers found that only 46% of advice given on The Dr. Oz Show was actually backed by science, while 15% of recommendations went against conventional evidence.

What is concerning is that MANY (including those in the health field) quote Dr. Oz, purchase products he recommends, and try suggested lifestyle changes mentioned on his show. In fact, during recent conversations, those involved defended Dr. Oz because he had ‘credible’ medical professionals and nutritionists on his show giving advice, so how can we disagree?!

Perhaps 2019 is the time to consider sources, recommendations, and initiatives offered in our wellness programs to ensure that we are promoting sound, scientific guidelines. Taking the time for thoughtful reflection is always good and may include everything from resource materials, incentives, and initiatives offered – especially biometric screenings and weight loss programs.

Important questions to consider are:
• Who are your employees listening to for health information?
• What messages are they hearing during health promotion programs at work? and
• What messages do just the programs being offered send?

There is a plethora of articles, but here are just 2: Don’t Believe Everything and An Absurd Choice.

So, who then would you trust for the President’s Council?

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