Leader Mindsets: Safety Can Be The Lever

Research Indicates Two Key Concerns When It Comes to Leadership:

  • One is that 2/3 of leadership development programs do not yield the desired results, and
  • Two, that managers are often promoted from the ranks based on technical skills, and offered little to no leader development, support, mentoring or coaching in desired leader qualities.

Considerations For Improving Both Concerns

First, decide the desired leadership qualities….

When It Comes to Fostering A Safe Workplace, Which Leader Mindset Do You Want to Cultivate? The mindset that:

  • Assumes the best intentions in others; or presumes the worst motives?
  • Believes people can change, grow & develop; or judges that people are static & stuck where they are?
  • Brings out the best in people; or finds reasons to criticize?
  • Is open & trusting; or Is cautious & withholding information?
  • Treats others with respect, compassion, & empathy; or reacts with arrogance, impatience, frustration, & anger?
  • Engages others; or focuses on getting tasks done alone?

This means considering all aspects of safety and developing leader mindsets to cultivate such a culture. Not just a physically safe work environment, but also one that is socially, emotionally, and psychologically safe and well. 

Next, lay the foundation for success:

  • Assess your work environment
  • Learn what employees and managers need to lead
  • Identify areas to improve the safety and well-being of your stakeholders
  • Take action to nurture the desired leadership behaviors needed to support, engage, and lead your workforce

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