Well-Being Pushed To The Brink

We are all struggling to cope as we paddle through unchartered territory.  For the past 26 years Dimensions has assisted you with your health and safety programs and please know that we remain committed to helping. During these uncertain times, many are working from home, working with reduced staff, or perhaps even unable to work. It is uncomfortable, stressful, and trying.

Every dimension of well-being is impacted by stressors during this unprecedented time. We are listening to and supporting the anxiety so many are experiencing,

  • Concerns over career and financial well-being
  • Struggling emotionally to cope as everything familiar has changed
  • Feelings of selfishness
  • Feelings of social isolation
  • Cancellations of much needed vacations and social events
  • Having to let go of fitness routines

The best actions we can take to build resilience are to,

  • Take care of each other
  • Find ways to stay connected – social media, frequent calls, video chats
  • Continue to lead and communicate with others, including employees
  • Make sure the company illness, pandemic, and business continuity plans are fluid.
  • Allow flexibility with ourselves, with our employees, and with company policies
  • Acknowledge and Accept the emotions and concerns being experienced.
  • Ask for help
  • Let go of what we can’t control
  • Get outdoors – walk, hike, garden, cycle
  • Know that we will be stronger together and will get through this together!
  • Practice mindfulness

Mindful meditations can calm, soothe and provide relief from worries. Here are a two simple but effective mindfulness techniques to try.  Spend 3 – 5 minutes practicing and increase the time as desired. The results experienced are usually immediate and are often transformative for many.

Attention on the Breath for Relaxation and Wishing Compassion, Peace, and Happiness

The practice of focusing our attention helps us let go of worries, negative thinking, and unhelpful ruminations.  Practicing regularly improves our well-being, strengthens our immune system, and builds resilience.

Having compassion for others – the wish that others not suffer – also enhances our own happiness and well-being. This practice should include self-compassion since we also do not want to suffer and desire happiness.  It can be difficult to know how to help others in trying times and sending out the wish for compassion often provides a sense of connection, empathy, understanding, hope, optimism, and joy.

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