What Would Mister Roger’s Do? Imagine!

Mark West, a professor at UNC Charlotte recently wrote an editorial summarizing four of the ten key ways to live more like Mister Roger’s outlined in Gavin Edward’s 2019 book, Kindness and Wonder: Why Mister Rogers Matters More Now Than Ever.  

Here are the four ways to return to civility, not just portrayed but livedby Mister Rogers. 

  1. Be Kind to Strangers: This is especially significant as we follow social distancing. Think of this as an act of kindness to others rather than seeing another as a potential threat.
  2. Tell the Truth: We need and should transmit accurate information, not misleading information.
  3. Connect with Others in Any Way We Can:  Empathy, Compassion, Acknowledgement of what others are going through.
  4. Make Joyful Noise:  Think about those in Italy and Barcelona playing beautiful music from their balconies while in isolation. Barcelona, Spain – Imagine; Singing from Italy; Voices from Naples 

Other words of wisdom from Mister Rogers?

  • Be Deep and Simple – Not shallow and complex: Pay Attention. Be Mindful. Focus. Listen Intentionally.
  • Always See the Best in Others.
  • And of course, “Look for the Helpers,” but also BE the helper

It’s a message of values and living our values. It’s about being open-hearted, accepting, compassionate, thoughtful and curious. In times when these values seem to be missing, ask, What would Mister Roger’s Do? And act accordingly. Imagine.

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