The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led to a Surge of Socially Responsible Behaviors

The study indicates that ‘do good’ behaviors such as reducing consumption, donating to charity and buying products and services from socially responsible companies is at higher levels than ever.  Two facts jumped out. One was that almost half believe that companies will be more socially responsible post pandemic. Hopefully that will come to fruition. 

And more importantly, the second fact was that more than 75% said that the way a company treats employees and customers during the pandemic will determine whether they will support the company after. This is a powerful and meaningful message! Interestingly, trust outranked the company’s purpose as a priority for consumers.

“This pandemic has had an extensive and negative impact on our collective wellbeing, but it has also served as a catalyst for community and consciousness,” said Heath Shackleford, Founder of Good.Must.Grow. “We have been forced to come together in new ways. We’ve benefited from fresh perspectives and resetting of priorities. And I think we are taking seriously our individual roles as change makers to lead with purpose and reward companies and causes who do the same.”

It’s now well known that trust and how a company treats employees impacts employee well-being and resulting levels of loyalty and productivity.  We are now hearing from employees who perceive that their leaders are not empathetic, compassionate, trusting, or caring.

One example cited are some managers requiring more extensive work time documentation, for some it’s minute-by-minute proof of work completed at home. Employees are also expressing emotions of feeling exploited for profit. Even during this pandemic with skyrocketing unemployment many are searching for humanistic, people-focused companies that are socially responsible.

It’s worth reading the article: Individual and Organizational Socially Responsible Behaviors Matter

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