Take a Stand Against Injustice

Our Business Mission Is, To Make The Workplace A Better Place.

This means a workplace that is physically, emotionally, socially, and psychologically safe for all. One where everyone matters, has a voice, and all voices are heard, respected, welcomed, and encouraged. 

From an ecological frame, this benefits not just the organization but also the employees and communities. We do not exist in isolation but are interconnected. When one suffers, we all suffer. 

Injustice and racism cannot be/must not be tolerated in our workplaces, our communities and our society. Doing something, even if we get it wrong, is a step in the right direction.

Please, together let’s begin the work necessary to dismantle racism, systemic racism and injustice, 

  • Foster a culture and work environment based on inclusivity and authenticity.
  • Ensure that your organization is physically, emotionally, socially, and psychologically safe for all to show up and be welcomed as their authentic selves.
  • Begin to have open, even though difficult, conversations within your organization and community.
  • Identify biases and injustices within corporate policies, financial disparities, and career development programs.
  • Move beyond offering diversity training to delve deeper. 
  • Create a movement to recognize and face unconscious or implicit biases. Start at the top of your organization. Commit to maintain the practices and level of self-awareness that are necessary to create meaningful change – not a training, not an event, but a movement; a movement that creates a shift that remains embedded within the culture.
  • Develop manager and leader qualities that exemplify the values you want lived within your organization.
  • Celebrate and welcome diversity, but more importantly, realize the necessity for diversity and different ways of thinking.
  • Consider frequent pulse surveys to uncover physical, emotional, social, and psychological safety issues that impact the well-being of individuals and the organization.

Our hearts ache.  Many are uncertain what to do, but even if it’s not perfect at first, doing something, even small steps until we determine the best approaches, is better than doing nothing. Together we can begin to create the path for meaningful change. We cannot achieve well-being – for organizations, communities and individuals – as long as injustice and racism exist.

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