Out With The Old And In With The New

We all have heard– and probably experienced firsthand! – that New Year resolutions are seldom realized. Only 8% of those who make resolutions will keep them and approximately 80% have thrown in the towel by February – Yikes!  Use this information to finally let go of the tradition that sets most up to fail!  Instead, consider key themes you want to focus on, and your desired intentions. Plan small steps to start and continue the journey – of course always be ready and willing to pivot!

First, pause and reflect on learnings from 2020, and your desired focus or intention(s) for 2021.  As you reflect, ask yourself these 5 questions,

  1. What initiatives at your company or in your safety or wellness program are you most proud of?
  2. What are you grateful for both professionally and personally?
  3. What are your significant accomplishments both personally and professionally?
  4. What were your most important learnings that can blaze the trail for this year?
  5. What strengths do you hope to build on, and gaps that you hope to close?

Ideas to consider as you bring in the new for 2021,

  • Revamp, or Emphasize, Safety Initiatives That Focus on Leading and Positive Indicators
  • Plan Wellness Initiatives That Matter the Most for Enhancing Well-Being for Employees, Managers, and the Organization
  • Develop Leaders That Embody the Desired Qualities and Behaviors (and that result in employee well-being, leader well-being, safety excellence, and organizational well-being)
  • Design Initiatives That Embrace All Dimensions of Wellness
  • Broaden Approaches That Embrace the Interconnectedness of Employee Well-Being, Safety, and Organizational Well-Being
  • Collaborate with Others Outside of Your Business Focus or Department
  • Rethink Wellness, Safety, and Leadership Initiatives to Weave in Lessons from Positive Psychology

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