7 Essential Experiences To Create A Great Place To Work

The three fundamental dimensions – A Safe Environment, Wellness Initiatives, and Leadership Qualities are interconnected and are necessary ingredients for a great place to work.  There have been major shifts over the past 2 years as well as significant insights. Most corporations realize returning to the ‘way things were’ is not what matters or what is important. Focusing on what matters for the present and future within our business, our communities, society, and stakeholders is what will drive success, well-being, and create a great place to work. Research and experience indicate that stakeholders need/want at least 7 Essential Experiences at work to be their best selves,

  1. Feeling safe and well
  2. Being comfortable in being their authentic selves
  3. Being heard and feel their voice matters 
  4. Sensing that they matter are cared about
  5. Having positive work and personal connections and relationships
  6. Living and working by their guiding light of values, meaning, and purpose 
  7. Feel appreciated and that their contributions matter

The 7 Stakeholder Experiences require lived organizational values for what a safe work environment means.  Yes, this includes ensuring that it is a physically safe workplace with safeguards and training to prevent injuries as well as to remain in compliance. But just as importantly, it also includes an environment that is,

  • Socially and emotionally safe and well 
  • A positive work environment where employees can speak up without fear of retribution
  • A collaborative spirit where learning, growing, and sharing are values that are encouraged as well as supported
  • Supportive and welcoming of differences, knowing this enriches the workplace

This type of environment also enhances stakeholder and organizational well-being. Just as physical safety is needed, wellness initiatives support stakeholder healthy lifestyles. That said, complete well-being includes much more than the physical elements of health. Elements vary depending on the work population and organizational culture; however, complete well-being is not achievable without embracing a culture that affirms the 7 Stakeholder Experiences and all 7 require great leadership skills and qualities. The 3 Dimensions ARE completely interconnected! Consider the flow and blending of our model below for complete well-being:

Complete well-being involves more than promoting a monthly topic on one of these dimensions or scheduling a Financial Planning session or a Managing Stress lunch-n-learn. Yes, it’s more complicated than that, but embedding this model in your corporate safety and wellness programs is not just possible, but transformative AND sustainable.

And last but not least, none of the 7 Stakeholder Experiences are achievable without strong, compassionate, and caring leaders. These are ‘hard’ skills to hone through learning and practice and are just as necessary or more necessary than learning management skills. Managers and Senior leaders are promoted through the ranks because of their strong technical skills. Management skills for example, to meet projections, manage absenteeism, conduct performance evaluations, etc., are usually developed and supported – hopefully (!) and not just one training session! The hard skills to develop leader qualities and character however are frequently neglected. Yet these skills are the critical qualities needed to foster the 7 Essential Stakeholder Experiences and lead in the current and future business environment. 

This type of Leadership Development informs the organizational culture and stakeholder experiences. Cultivating the skills and qualities foster a safe environment and well-being for the employees as well as the organization. All of this aligns with NIOSH’s Total Worker Health framework (Total Worker Health in Unprecedented Time) and Safety Management Systems (such as, ISO 45001). We would love an opportunity to discuss what these mean in your organization! We would also love to hear other stakeholder experiences that you feel are essential. Please contact us for a lively discussion.

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