Zombie Lies!

An article on zombie lies in the Tampa Bay newspaper caught our attention last fall. You may not know what a “zombie lie” is, but apparently this is a slang term for an idea, proposition, or theory that is “demonstrably, logically, and intuitively false but which, like a zombie, refuses to die.” And as the author, John Crisp further described, ‘it will eat your brain’.

How do these zombie lies continue to rise from the dead, you might ask? The author emphasized that they require people who really, really want to believe them.  And zombie lies require an indifferent or compliant majority. 

What we, okay, what I am wondering is what zombie lies continue to rise in us – in leaders/managers, and occupational health, safety, and wellness professionals – that go unrecognized or rather unquestioned? For example, ‘No one has ever been hurt doing this’.

 While maybe they don’t ACTUALLY “eat our brains”, do the lies we believe,

  • Zap our energy? 
  • Diminish our motivation? 
  • Cause negativity? 
  • Prevent us from the courage to make improvements?

Asking for a friend, what might these zombie lies be? There could be at least a few that hold us back, prevent us from considering possibilities, and zap our courage! 

Is anyone up for an entertaining and hopefully enlightening conversation? We can provide garlic to neutralize zombies (or maybe homemade fire cider that should do the trick!) – since a bludgeoning weapon seems too drastic.

Please email us if you want invited to the zombie lie discussion: Contact us. Don’t make us volunteer you!

Image by EriktheGreat at Pixaby

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